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We're Excited About Active Kids.

As an approved Active Kids provider, we’re making it easier for kids to get active!

The NSW Government offers $100 vouchers parents can redeem towards our programs (such as Swimming Lessons, Gymnastics!)

As of the 1st July 2019, The NSW Government introduced a second $100 voucher to be used in 2019. That’s now 2 x $100 vouchers for you to claim against kids’ activities in 2019!

Both vouchers must be used by the end of the year, on two separate programs or activities.

There are several activities you can claim the $100 voucher on across our facilities in NSW:

  • Swimming Lessons

  • Squads

  • Learn to Play

  • Teen Active

  • Teen Gym

  • Gymnastics 


Programs vary based on facility and location - get in contact with your local Centre to find out what they offer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active Kids?

Starting 31 January 2018, the NSW Government will allocate $207 million towards the Active Kids Program over the next four years. Active Kids will help families meet the demanding costs of children’s sports, fitness and recreation activities, and subsequently increase the physical activity levels of children in NSW.


As of 1st July 2019, the NSW Government will allocate an extra $100 voucher per school aged child per year, to help with the increasing costs of sports and living. Ideally vouchers are to be used for summer and winter activities.

Who is eligible to claim the voucher?

Parents can claim the 2 x $100 vouchers each year for school enrolled children aged 4.5 years to 18 years. This includes those who are home-schooled or enrolled in secondary school education at TAFE NSW. Two vouchers will be available for every child in the family annually over the next four years.

Can I use both vouchers at once?

No, the two vouchers cannot be combined to pay for one single program costing more than $100. They can be used with the same provider to help with the costs of 2 separate terms, throughout the year.

For example - $100 voucher to help with the costs of Term 1 Gymnastics and the 2nd $100 Voucher to help with the costs of Term 2 Gymnastics. If the program runs all year around (48 week program swimming lessons) you can only use the one voucher per year for this sport. 

Please speak with your Centre it clarify the use of the 2nd voucher for your program. 

How long are vouchers valid?

Vouchers can be redeemed during the current calendar year activity program. Vouchers will expire at the end of the calendar year (2019 vouchers will expire 31 December 2019).

What can the voucher be used for?

The voucher can be used for any sporting program that lasts 8 weeks or longer, where full payment hasn’t been made as yet or if there remains an outstanding balance.

How do I download the voucher?

Parents/guardians/carers with legal responsibility will be able to download vouchers from